The six work packages of MARTEC II

Work package 1 - Common procedures

WP leader: INNOVAMAR (Spain)

The WP 1 deals with the project handling issues as the national procedures are still quite different. The basic management procedures which are available from the earlier call procedures will be harmonized between the participation funding organizations. Therefore

for future cooperation will be established in MARTEC II.

Work package 2 - Coordinated research
WP leader: UEFISCDI (Romania)

The coordination of research offers a platform for the national funding bodies to share strategies and strengthen the links within the maritime technology sector at the national and European scale. MARTEC II will have efforts, especially in mapping of maritime research projects as well as structures for a better information exchange in the area of maritime technologies.

Work package 3 - Joint activities
WP leader: JÜLICH (Germany)

The joint activities focus on the preparation and implementation of joint activities: joint calls and thematic calls. They will support a strong transnational research and development and innovation community in the field. It will also prepare the processes for implementation of a trans-national research programme. Programme owner and programme manager will have a closer look inside European research facilities by visiting such places during project meetings.


Work package 4 - Cooperation
WP leader: INNOVAMAR (Spain)

Within this work package a closer co-operation with other maritime and marine networks is planned. There are many other initiatives and ERA-NETs with a relation to MARTEC. Differences and similarities to ERA-NET Transport II and other networks will be shown and discussed. The cooperation with the related technology platform WATERBORNETP is essential for direct input from industry and the research community. It is the core for improving cooperation by identifying new strategic partners.

Work package 5 - Sustainability
WP leader: UEFISCDI (Romania)
This work package will set the basis for self-sustaining cooperation in the future. The work package will start with national or future national structures in maritime research and will establish recommendations for the future MARTEC structures for maritime research a sustainable network.


Work package 6 - Coordination / Dissemination

WP leader: JÜLICH (Germany)

WP6 is necessary to coordinate the entire project and to provide effective management of the consortium and activities in adherence with the WPs. Administrative and financial management, network secretariat and internal communication as well as internet portal and tools are basic processes to organise the network. Dissemination and exploitation of results is necessary to ensure knowledge and understanding of network and projects.


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